Zero gas flare


In conformity with the vision of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, which aligns the National Policy of protecting the environment, we executed Flared Gases Utilization Projects in coordination with EGPC, by extraction of LPG, condensates, Sales gas & generating electricity from gas generators.


Ongoing projects

  • A project to establish a new offshore platform for the development of the “GNN” fields area, to achieve a 100% productivity increase of PetroGulf Company.
  • A project to upgrade power generation of the electrical network to cover the necessary loads for the wells to maintain production stability in Eshpetco fields.
  • A project to upgrade Firefighting system network to cover loads in Eshpetco fields.
  • A project to implement new oil storage tank with a capacity 5000 bbls in PetroKareem fields.