OFFSHORE red sea

AREA ( A )

60,000 KM²

The Multi-Client project to collect geophysical data in the offshore Red Sea (Area A) was awarded to the consortium of Schlumberger (WesternGeco) and TGS.

The project will comprise acquisition of a +10,000 km 2D long-offset broadband multi-client seismic survey. Advanced new acquisition and imaging techniques will provide better illumination of complex subsalt structures. The project will integrate all legacy seismic and non-seismic data. Acquisition will commence mid-December and is expected to be completed in late Q1 2018.



2D Long offset broadband

  • Start December 2017
  • Circa 10,000 km
  • 10 -12 km offsets
  • Gravity & magnetics
  • Delineate structural framework


Wide Azimuth 3D acquisition
– 2019 Phase 1 North Sector- 5 vessel WAZ Isometrix- Interpretation of structural and stratigraphic framework.


Reimaging – evaluate & extend legacy data


Prospectivity Studies