upper Egypt open areas

AREA ( B )

450314 KM²


Geological Challenges of Onshore Upper Egypt:

  • Official AOI ~  450,314 km²
  • Only 13 wells drilled in official AOI.
  • Very limited seismic in the area.
  • Only old, coarse and low resolution potential field data exist.
  • Vast areas un-explored.
  • Proven petroleum system (Kom Ombo Basin, Ammonite-1 well contained Palaeozoic source of 2.25% TOC).

New Exploration Data:

  • New, high resolution data are needed to develop the subsurface understanding and target new prospectivity.
  • These new data will reduce exploration risk, reduce exploration cost and increase exploration success.



“Received Wisdom” is inconsistent and based on poorly constrained assumptions and limited data.TGS see that existing work is inconsistent and that numerous sub-basins do exist which have not been tested.
TGS see potential to track the successful North Africa petroleum plays into Upper Egypt.An opportunity now exists for first-mover advantage in the region.This area has the potential to be a new and exciting exploration territory.

New Technology

New, high resolution eFTG Technology to be utilised in de-risking the region to illuminate new exploration areas.

Example: Idealised Gravity Response from Model with Salt Bodies present:

License Round Planning & Work Program

Statement of Intent: It is the strategy of Ganope to acquire new data over the whole region in up to four phases, one per year for the next four years. After each phase of new acquisition is completed, the area covered shall be made available via a Bid Round.


Stage 1: 2018 – 2019

1- Phase 1 Area Defined and Blocks set.
2- Phase 1 eFTG data acquired & interpreted.
3- Bid Round 1 held over Phase 1 area.


Stages 2 to 4: 2019 – 2022

1- Phase Area Defined and Blocks set.
2- eFTG data acquired over the area and interpreted.
3- Bid Round held over acquisition area.