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Explorations & Production

In continuation of  Ganope  efforts to promote and explore the areas of Upper Egypt and the Red Sea, a bid-round is in the  preparation phase and will be issued as soon as we received the needed permits. It is proposed to include 18 blocks in the Upper Nile Valley, Eastern Desert, and offshore Southern part of Gulf of Suez with a total of 54,330 km2.

Ganope open areas Multi-client Project

Electronic Database Achieving Project of South Gulf of Suez

During the 1st  Quarter of 2014, Ganope added to the Electronic Database Achieving about 82 wells,1823 2D Seismic lines about 7250 long. km and  333 km2  3D Seismic area, which are located in the South Gulf of Suez work area.

Ganope Shares in Newly Established Companies
Company Ganope Share Date Of Establishment
Tharwa Petroleum Company 5% 2004
Nile Petroleum Co. 30% 2005
Al-Wadi Al- Gadid Co. For Mineral Resources and Oil Shale 65% 2007
Wahat Paris Natural Water Co. 35% 2007
El-Wadi El- Gadid For Packing Co. 30% 2007
The Egyptian Offshore Drilling Company S.A.E 15% 2008
Tanmia Petroleum Company 20% 2008
Regions Gas Company 16.7% 2008
International Drilling Material Manufacturing Company S.A.E 20% 2008
Wadi Liquefied Natural Gas Co. 20% Under establishment

Completion & start-up of Upper Egypt Gas Pipeline
Beni Sweif / Menya January 2008
Menya / Assiut March 2009
Assiut / Sohag August 2009
Sohag / Aswan November 2009