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Ganope Concession Map


Fiscal Year New Agreements





Exploration Activities

Exploration Activities During the Fiscal year 2014/2015


Integrated Projects and Sustainable Development


MOU between "Ganope" and "Enmaa El Ain for Development & Investment" (UAE) has been signed to perform an economic study for establishing packages within multiple projects for the development of the Gulf of Suez district, with estimated investments of 3.5 Billion US$.

The Purpose of the MOU is to establish a low carbon footprint energy farm and further other relevant projects that  may include the following:

  1.Coal fuel handling harbor terminal project,
  2.Solar Power project,
  3.Wind Power project,
  4.Gas Fired Power project, using available national Natural Gas, but considered not feasible for its injection in the National Grid.
  5.Coal Fired Power and Desalination project,
  6.Industrial Zone Planning and Supply of Utilities project.
  7-Future projects that will be agreed upon by both parties.


Producing Electricity from Geothermal Energy

A Joint committee has been formed between the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources and the Ministry of Electricity and Power (Renewable Power Authority) to sign MOU studying the exploitation of Geothermal energy for electricity production.


1.To establish a Geothermal Atlas for Egypt
2. To estimate the current overall potential of geothermal heat and power generation in Egypt. The focus is oriented toward  power generation
3.To estimate  the ability  of geothermal power to assist in meeting the objective of the Egyptian government in meeting 20% of its total energy needs from renewable energy sources by 2020 (and beyond), considering technological maturity, economic costs, environmental and social constraints, opportunities and considerations.
4.Provide a development plan for the promotion of Geothermal power generation capacities in Egypt. It should deliver scenarios demonstrating the technical and economic optimum. It should outline appropriate legal and financial measures and initiatives to support the development of large scale utilization of resources.
5.Propose the management regulation to promote the geothermal energy development and utilization in Egypt.
6.Provide a development plan for the capacity building in geothermal field.

Unconventional Resources - Oil Shale


The Oil Shale Project started in November 2006


Oil Shale in Eastern Desert Gebel Duwi


Oil Shale in Western Desert Abu Tartur