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Ganope Affiliated Companies: Ganope’s affiliated companies vary in their activities covering Exploration, Production, Refining, manufacturing and marketing.

Companies under Ganope's Direct Supervision:

  Exploration and Production:
   - Petrogulf Misr Company,Petrogulf
   - Esh El Malaha Petroleum Company,Eshpetco
   - Magawish Petroleum Company, Magapetco
   - Gabal El Zeit Petroleum Company, Zeitco
   - Wady El Sahl Petroleum Company, Waspetco
   - Vegas Oil & Gas
   - East Zeit Petroleum Company, Petrozeit


   - Assiut Petroleum Refining Co.

  Petroleum Products Marketing
   - Nile Petroleum Marketing Co.

  Mineral Resources and Oil Shale Companies:
   - El Wadi El Gadid Co. for Mineral Resources and Oil Shale (WADI CO.)
  Natural Water production and Packing Companies:
   - Wahet Paris for Natural Water Co.
   - El Wadi El Gadeed for Packing Co.

Ganope Shares in Existing Companies

Company Share Share Value Activity
Tharwa Petroleum Co.
20 Million USD
Exploration & Production
Nile Petroleum Marketing Co.
15 Million EGP
Petroleum Products Marketing
El Wadi El Gadeed Co. for Mineral Resources and Oil Shale (WADI CO.)
16.3 Million EGP
Mineral Resources & Oil Shale
Wahet Paris For Natural Water Co.
35 Million EGP
Production, Packaging & Marketing Of Natural Water
El Wadi El Gadeed For Packing Co.
18 Million EGP
Manufacturing Natural Water Bottles
Egyptian Offshore Drilling Company
8.4 Million USD
Offshore Drilling
Tanmia Petroleum Co.
4 Million EGP
Technical Services & Consultations in Field Development, Reservoir Studies, Production & Treatment Facilities
International Drilling Material and Manufacturing Co.
2.4 Million USD
Casing & Tubing of Drilling Material
Regions Gas Co.
12.5 Million EGP
Contractor for Natural Gas Distribution Networks

Ganope Shares in New Companies During 2008/2009

Wadi Liquefied Natural Gas (WLNG) (under establishment)


The Company was established to supply natural gas to remote vicinities through building LNG units at points nearest to gas grid then transporting LNG in specially equipped trailers to be reverted back into gas form. At destination, the company distributes to consumers through a local gas grid.

Company’s Authorized Capital:
EGP 40 million
Company’s Issued Capital:
EGP 10 million
Ganope Share:
Company Current Status:
Under Establishment

Ganope Proposed Shareholding in New Companies

Phosphate Misr Company


The company conducts exploration and mining for phosphate. The product is used to meet local market demand and accumulate new reserves in addition to investment in industries either through the Company or new joint ventures.

Company’s Authorized Capital:
EGP One billion
Company’s Issued Capital:
EGP 100 million
Ganope Share:
Company Current Status:
Under Establishment