Production began from Al-Baraka field in December 22nd, 2007. It is worth mentioning that the field production is continuous since that date, and the total cumulative production until 30/6/2015 reached about 1.03 Million barrels, 110.6 thousand barrels during 2014/2015, where 1 well was recompleted and work over 8 wells .

Average daily production rate during fiscal year 2014/2015 was 303 BOPD.

Crude oil is shipped regularly to Assiut refinery. We hope that the development of the field will contribute in meeting part of the demand of Upper Egypt governorates.

The continued and regular production from Al-Baraka field since its discovery is a proof on the presence of a successful and effective hydrocarbon system in Upper Egypt, in contradiction to the belief which was common before Al-Baraka field discovery. This positively affected the plans and programs of other operators to have more aggressive activities in the concession areas adjacent to Komombo concession.